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About us


Samantha is the guide of this all-female crew. She herself holds the helm and Jack Sparrow’s famous magic compass, the one that does not point north but the direction for what is most desired.

For her, there are no impossible challenges; on the contrary, at the very mention of the word “impossible”, she takes action to make the impossible possible.

There is never an end to the best, that is her motto.

Piedmontese of Sicilian origin, after living in various countries around the world, she decided to return to her homeland and work for her land, SICILY. She specializes in ethical agribusiness and has 20 years’ experience in the field. Ethics is at the heart of every project.

She strongly believes that a company with a more ethical vision and sustainable reputation has a successful future and is the new big trend in the global market.


Francesca is the youngest of the crew. Beautiful, adventurous, determined and strong, she brought to Scirocco the fountain of youth and its energy, like pirate Angelica….

A citizen of the world, a graduate in International and Diplomatic Sciences with a specialization in International Politics and Markets, she has gained experience in Morocco, Russia, Cyprus and England.

Here at Scirocco, she is in charge of Social Media Management and internationalization, and her enthusiasm and light are now indispensable.

Her dream is to travel like the wind and take ethics, business and beauty around the world.

She believes that the new generations can really change the world. Of course, with the right captains.


Claudia is the chief gunner of this crew. She is precise, methodical, tidy and reserved. When she has a goal, however, she abandons her schemes and turns into the bravest and most daring of pirates. A bit like Will Turner, the blacksmith with pirate blood. Like him, Claudia fights to the end to achieve a goal.

A graduate in International Communication, with a specialization in Languages for Business and International Organizations, her mission is to pass on some of Scirocco’s knowledge to those who have so much potential for growth and development, but lack the basics, knowledge and skills to be able to realize it. She speaks English and French and is involved in Smart Consultancy and targeted communication plans.

She would like Scirocco to become a real point of reference for Sicily.


is an ethical agribusiness company.

Founded in 2015 by Samantha Di Laura, an agribusiness manager with more than 20 years of experience in the sector, Scirocco’s aim is to create value for Sicilian agriculture.

To achieve this goal, we support the production of high quality food that pays a decent wage to farmers, respects the environment and is good for the people who eat it.
Producing and marketing ethically means respecting the Kantian categorical imperative, namely ‘Act in such a way that you treat humanity, whether in your own person or in the person of another, always at the same time as an end and never simply as a means’.

Scirocco carefully selects its suppliers

and establishes long-term partnerships with them, following their production throughout the year. In addition to the raw material from its own harvest, Scirocco also collaborates with farmers who produce according to their values:
ethics, respect and quality.

From the field to the final product, every single step is carefully followed by Scirocco, with a traced supply chain that aims to put high quality products on the market by giving a decent compensation to the farmers.

A compensation that allows them to invest in the field, in research, in innovation.

Scirocco makes use of existing production facilities and it is not in its plans to build its own production plants, as the Sicilian territory offers many opportunities to use and make efficient use of existing structures. For us, this also means sustainability: making what already exists efficient and transferring skills and professionalism to it.

Because there is never an end to the best.

With this in mind, the production of dry materials is also entrusted, where possible, to local artisan companies, as long as they too respect Scirocco’s founding values.
Of course, Scirocco adheres to the UN 2030 agenda, which has precise goals in terms of production, enterprise and work.