Ethics applied to trade generates value for the whole chain.

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Do you need to identify serious suppliers, including medium to small ones, well rooted in the territory, with excellent products and competitive at the same time?

Scirocco carefully selects the companies proposed by assessing all aspects - organizational, productive, commercial, financial and logistical - and assists the distributor and supplier in all stages of negotiation. From audits with customers to identify the right price positioning, the promotion management, contributions and all aspects necessary to build a successful project.

Scirocco scouting

What Scirocco does?

Scirocco S.r.l.- Ethics applied to trade generates value for the whole chain.

It is also a reference point for Italian and foreign distributors who require scouting and management of their suppliers.

Here is the list of our services:

Management Consulting

Together with the entrepreneurs, Scirocco defines the appropriate business strategy to the needs, the size and potential of the company.



Market analysis

Scirocco analyzes the market and its potential for the correct positioning of the companies and their target markets


Sales management

Specializing in both Italian and foreign mass and national distribution, Scirocco is responsible for the sale of food and agriculture products in the national and international markets.


Company and product placement

Scirocco identifies the proper communication strategy and selects the most appropriate agencies and media for the needs of the company.



Thanks to its network of connections and deep knowledge of the territory, Scirocco selects suppliers and the appropriate network based on distributors needs.


Customer care & Back Office:

From Order Management to delivery of goods, the Scirocco staff (of which everyone speaks at least three languages) is at your service in a highly professional management of sales and related services


About me

A management consultant with over twenty years of experience in the trade in Italy and internationally, assisted by collaborators of mirrored professionalism and experience.

Samantha Di Laura

Extensive trade experience in the Italian and international market, gained in companies with an international inspiration such as Euricom S.p.A. (Curtiriso), Ebrofoods (Herba Ricemills) and Settesoli Cellars.


Ongoing collaborations and partnerships