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Scirocco embraces sustainability in all fields:
environmental, economic and social.

We build synergies

Environmental sustainability: Sicily is dotted with small companies that are not always able to fill their production capacity efficiently. Instead of building new structures, we decided to fill and improve what already exists in the area and to create collaborations, not competitions.

An example? Rather than building our own small mill, we started a long-term collaboration with a local farm, following all processes from harvesting to milling.

We benefit from existing resources

Environmental sustainability, in addition to economic sustainability, means also, for us, taking advantage of existing production facilities and making them efficient, transferring skills, know-how and professionalism. For this reason, Scirocco does not intend to build new production facilities.

The production of dry materials is entrusted, where possible, to local artisan companies that operate in line with our founding values.

We make the best use of the resources at our disposal to make them bear fruit and create value and long-term benefits to be redistributed throughout the territory.

We generate well-being

We have always promoted people’s well-being, also and above all through the food they eat. That is why we support the production of high quality food.

And to do this, we carefully select our suppliers, establishing long-term partnerships with them and monitoring production throughout the year.

Scirocco farmers

Our farmers produce according to the values of ethics, respect and quality.

From the field to the final product, every single link in the chain is followed and controlled by Scirocco, with the aim of putting good, high-quality products on the market and for which farmers are paid a fair and decent remuneration.

Compensation that can then be reinvested in the field and in research and innovation.

We innovate and avoid waste

We operate under an organic regime precisely to protect the environment, through the use of cultivation techniques that are certainly innovative but not harmful and stressful to the soil.

Our production focuses on the responsible use of energy sources. We encourage recycling (nothing is wasted at Scirocco) and fight against all forms of waste, both food and raw and dry materials.

We respect labour

Scirocco also pays attention to social sustainability. Through a corporate welfare plan, we guarantee our employees rights, equity and fair compensation, as well as flexibility in work organization.

Scirocco adheres to the UN 2030 Agenda, which has precise goals in terms of production, business and work.

Why have we chosen to produce an organic olive oil and wine?

Because choosing organic products means taking care of the environment and of ourselves.

Cultivation is carried out using sustainable practices to protect the biodiversity of the territory; fertilizers and/or pesticides that can damage the soil and the environment are not used.

Organic products are therefore a guarantee of the quality of a healthy and certainly more natural product.

Moreover, they have a higher content of nutraceutical and beneficial properties.