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Dream bearers


Good food to stay healthy

The Scirocco project

was born from the dream of valorizing two of Sicily’s most sought-after and precious fruits, olives and grapes..

We get the best out of them by transforming them into quality extra virgin olive oil, ethical and sustainable,and into new whole and organic wine:
discover Oliove and Lucìe.


Samantha Di Laura, manager with over 20 years of experience in the Italian and international food and wine market, founded Sciroccco Ethical Sales Management in Menfi in 2015, with the aim to help the agricultural producers to create value for their products.

Owner of a small olive grove and vineyard, in 2016 she started the first production of Oliove and, in 2020, of Lucìe whole wine, with the specific aim of spreading and giving value to the culture of high quality extra-virgin olive oil and unfiltered whole organic sparkling wine.


The olive groves from which our oil is produced are located in Campobello di Mazara and Menfi, a well-known area for the production of olive oil, obtained by pressing the local Nocellara del Belice variety.


In addition to using its own raw material, Scirocco works with Sicilian farmers who produce according to the same values of ethics, respect and quality and follows every single step of the production chain.

Lucìe is produced in Sicily, in the area of Santa Ninfa (TP) from inzolia grapes from vines more than 30 years old, harvested by hand in boxes.


We are motivated by our love for our land. Combined with the knowledge of the sector and professional experience, we become a driving force for sustainable development for people and for the territory.
Man is always at the centre of all our strategies, from the farmers, who require the right compensation for their work, to those who use the product, to those who desire pleasure and well-being.


We hope that quality extra -virgin olive oil and Sicilian raw organic sparkling wine will become part of daily nutrition (from breakfast to dinner) so that there is no longer room for bad quality products, as they will be immediately recognized and avoided.


Oliove and Lucìe were born out of the desire to produce food that is made-for-good and that makes you feel good, which is also why they were immediately successful on the Italian market.

Try the Sicilian sparkling wines and oil as it once was, you will find them irresistible.


Expanding our firm by continuing to produce and sell in an ethical way, respecting the Kantian categorical imperative “Act in such a way that you treat humanity, whether in your own person or in the person of another, always at the same time as an end and never simply as a means”.


Our dream is to create value for our Earth
For men of good will, who produce.
For people who love and take care of themselves.
For those who know how to live and love.


Shop and Love


You can buy and taste Oliove at our offices in Menfi and the best specialized shops, or in our online shop Olio come una volta (Oil as it once was).

Choose freely from 0.50-litre or 0.25-litre single tins, packaging and accessories.


We are also waiting for you in Menfi to taste Lucìe… are we too far away?

Call us to find out where it is on sale or order it now in our online shop Bollicine Siciliane (Sicilian Sparkling Wines).

Receive them comfortably at home

Sicilian sparkling wines

Lucìe is a new ethical, whole organic wine. Full-bodied, savoury, elegantly sparkling.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Oliove is produced from Nocellara del Belice olives coming from the territories of Campobello di Mazara and Menfi. Order it in tins or bottles.

Ethical gifts

Make an original, tasty and stylish gift.
Discover Oliove and Lucìe gift packs and give well-being to those you love.

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