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Why organic oil and wine?

​Because choosing organic means being good to the environment and to yourself. Cultivation is carried out using sustainable practices to protect the biodiversity of the land.

Why does oil have this price?

The price is linked to the value of the product. First of all, oil: we harvest at the end of September and the beginning of October to have a higher quality product, with yields of just over 10%: this means that for one litre of oil you need 10/12 kg of olives, the count is soon done. Harvesting is done by hand, by highly specialized workers, and even the bottling and labelling is done by hand (watch our video!).  Everything is artisanal, worked piece by piece as in the old days, and each person involved receives fair compensation for their work.

Why is oil filtered?

Filtered oil maintains and preserves the product’s properties and organoleptic characteristics for longer. It is therefore a guarantee of goodness and quality.

Why a monocultivar and not a blend?

Because we wanted to preserve the distinctiveness, in terms of aromas and flavours, of this cultivar typical of our territory. A blend would not have transferred the same intensity of flavours and aromas.

How is oil preserved?

To best preserve its organoleptic characteristics, it is best to store oil away from direct or indirect light, heat sources (especially kitchen cookers) and contact with oxygen.

Which containers should be used to store oil?

Small, dark glass containers that allow very little light to filter in, or stainless steel ones, always small, are preferable. In the absence of these, we suggest covering the oil bottle with tin foil. In any case, we suggest you visit our page for further information.

What should be done if you buy oil in large sizes?

It is advisable to decant it immediately into smaller containers. Plastic containers, ampoules and oil jars should be avoided; dark glass bottles are fine. Containers should be washed with warm water after each use and before further washing.

What is the ideal storage temperature for oil?

The ideal storage temperature is between 14 and 18 degrees. Oil also fears low temperatures as they increase the risk of coagulation of the liquid.

Where should oil be disposed of?

NEVER down the sink drain. In bottles, dispose of it in the appropriate containers or, if in small quantities, it is excellent as fertiliser (beware that if it is too much it chokes the roots, especially of pot plants).  

What is an oil favour?

Thanks to the uniqueness and elegance of its packaging, Oliove lends itself to being used as a cadeau to give to guests for a variety of occasions. A good, unique and beautiful gift that elegantly combines taste and beauty.

Can the tin box be reused?

The tin box, handcrafted, 100% made in Italy and made of the highest quality raw materials, is reusable as a container for objects and also as a food container, as it is lined internally with food-grade gold, a material suitable for contact with food.

Is it possible to customize the accessories if I choose Oliove as my wedding favour?

Yes, it is possible. For all customization methods and costs, please contact us in private.


What does opalescent wine mean?

Opalescence, which gives the wine an ivory colour, is caused by the presence of the natural yeasts in the grapes. By turning the bottle upside down a couple of times, these mix perfectly with the wine, making it opalescent.

What does whole wine mean?

A wine is defined as whole if it retains within it all the elements that were used during the winemaking process. This is the case for Lucìe, which is not filtered.


Why is it in a dark bottle?

The dark glass bottle preserves the product from deterioration. In fact, dark glass prevents external light from filtering through and light, together with oxygen, is one of the main triggers of oxidation processes in anything natural and preservative-free.


Why the crown cork?

The crown cork provides greater resistance to the gas pressure inside the bottle. Furthermore, the material inside the crown cork does not interact with the wine, guaranteeing its freshness and aroma over time. Moreover, it is an environmentally sustainable choice, as it can be recycled indefinitely if properly disposed of.

What is the difference between a dark bottle and a transparent bottle?

There is no difference as far as the product is concerned. Visually, the transparent bottle makes it easier to detect the yeasts in the wine.

Once opened, how long can it be stored?

Ideally it should be consumed immediately, precisely because it is a sparkling wine.  It can however be sealed with a stopper and stored in the fridge for two to three days.


What is the average delivery time?

You will receive your order in 5 working days.

Is it possible to have a sample to test the product?

For the oil, upon payment of a contribution of 6 euros, you can receive a 40 ml test sample. This contribution will be deducted from your payment if you purchase the product.

Do you ship abroad?


What is the cost of shipping abroad?

As it is not possible to establish a flat rate valid for all EU and non-EU countries, the cost of shipping will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.
Please contact us at this number (Tel +39 0925 575354) or by email at the time of purchase.

In the event of receiving a package that is not intact or a product that has deteriorated, is there provision for returning the product?

Yes, the product can be returned. It must be returned in its original packaging. We will arrange a pick-up with the courier for the return of the package at no cost.

What are the return procedures?

Upon receipt of the product and once you have ascertained and verified its non-integrity, by sending preventive demonstration photos to our WhatsApp number, you must put it back in its original packaging and send notification of collection with a new return address if different from the previous one. Wait for us to send you all the documentation. The return will be made and the product replaced within 10 working days.

Is it possible to exercise the right of withdrawal?

Yes, it is possible to exercise the right of withdrawal. Please consult the “Terms and Conditions” section of our website for the modalities.

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