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An outsourced executive sales management specialized in the agricultural field.

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What an executive sales management is?
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The executive sales management

It is the core of the management, since no company can exist without sales management (in the small-sized companies it is the owner of the company who takes this role). It deals with both national and international markets: so the knowledge of many languages is an essential requirement (we currently speak English, French, Spanish, Arabic and we have some basis of Hebrew and German).


The aim of the executive sales management is letting the product of the company be sold on the national and international market at the highest possible value, generating a sustainable revenue over time and right margins for a healthy rise of the company.


To do that, it is fundamental to establish the right sales strategy, in line with the real resources of the company, be they productive, human or financial.
The executive sales management deals with planning and strategic programming, brand management, marketing, communication and management of the sales network, both inside and outside the company.

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How we work
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We work inside the company, like a real executive sales management, we involve all the staff and we do teamwork with the ownership and the producers.

sustainable business.

We select distributors whose values are in line with the suppliers’ ones and we build long-lasting partnerships in the different markets, so as to let sales increase over time.


We hand our competences and methodologies over the company by supplying it with business management tools and by training the staff.


We aim at creating value for people through the increase of the company’s turnover: a part of our fee depends from the results.


We make available to the Italian small and medium-sized companies all those competences and methodologies typical of multinational corporations, so as to let them expand and enter the markets with professionalism and sustainability.


We become part of the company’s team, we interact with the ownership and the company’s staff as real “colleagues”, by handing over our «know how» that becomes an asset for the company.


By working simultaneously for companies that are collateral and not competitive to each other, we can supply a high specialized executive sales management at accessible costs even to small-sized companies with a high potential.
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What we have done
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Managerial consultancy, brand positioning HORECA vs. supermarket and international sales management for the biggest wine cooperative in Sicily.

Market analysis, marketing consultancy and sales management in the Italian GDO for a company that produces high quality vegetables.

Creation and launch of a brand of extra virgin olive oil PGI Sicily that gained SIX important international rewards in the first sales.

Market analysis, Business Plan and sales strategy for an important Apulian wine cellar and positioning of gourmet products at award-winning chefs for a small Sicilian company.

why choosing Scirocco

5 good reasons at least

An expansive trade experience in the Italian and international market; our several relationships and our network of representatives and partners have always let us bring results for the companies we have worked for.


We work only in the FOOD & BEVERAGE sector.

Training and coaching

We are not consultants acting from the outside, but we become part of the company’s team, we interact with the others and we deal with the ownership and the company’s staff as real “colleagues”, by handing over our «know how» and our competences so as they become assets for the company.

Risk sharing

A part of Scirocco fee depends from the generated turnover, so we share the risk with the entrepreneur and we grow if he grows.


We choose our customers and partners first of all by considering our shared values, that is focusing on the man and the business sustainability (we have the word “ethics” in our pay off).

my story.

Samantha Di Laura

Samantha Di Laura.

CEO and founder

An expansive trade experience in the Italian and international market, gained within international-scale companies.
At the age of only 25, she began to work as Export Area Manager for Euricom S.p.A. (Curtiriso), the largest rice company of that period in Europe, where she was responsible for the management and the development of the extra-European market.
At the age of 31, she was called to Seville by Ebrofoods (Herba Ricemills – Pasta Garofalo - Scotti) where she deepened the Brand Management and the coordination of a network of international exports.
In 2007, Diego Planeta led her to the Italian GDO Sales Management for Cantine Settesoli, that she left in 2015 to found Scirocco Ethical Sales Management.