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Once a good foundation is established, sales management is the most beautiful part.

tangible results.

Once a good foundation is established, sales management is the most beautiful part. It is the one that finally allows you to measure what has been done earlier and to obtain tangible results.

Scirocco is responsible for the sales management and negotiation, aiming at concluding contracts, either directly, by negotiating with the Italian and foreign distribution buyers, or through agents and agencies in the area. If necessary, Scirocco takes care of the selection, the building and the management of the sales network. We form the agents and provide them with all the needed sales tools and incentives to achieve the revenue targets.

medium and long term projects.

We have to be prosaic: everything discussed so far makes sense only if it leads to real and tangible revenue goals for our customers, with lasting growth prospects over time.

That is why we always say that we do not sell products: we sell medium and long term projects. Often buyers create a real engagement with the company: they believe in the project of the company, they marry it and contribute to its growth by providing feedback on the market and on the performances of the products.

the right value.

intervenes rapidly should a problem arises (it can happen). We always try to make sure that from any problem that arises a new opportunity to build new projects is developed, and to further tighten the link between companies, between suppliers and customers.

The revenue of the client companies should grow in a healthy, ethical and sustainable way. It must generate value for the whole chain, from the producer, who has recognized the true value for his own work, to the consumer who will find a valuable product. Ensuring that all the intermediaries have the proper compensation. In line with the values of Scirocco and the companies which is partner of.